Durable and Long-life Pipes to Streamline Farm Applications

uPVC Column Pipes

These pipes are specially designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality and strength. They can easily bear the system load consisting of the weight of the pump, water and pipes. Younity’s high-quality and durable uPVC column pipes have great impact strength and are also maintenance-free and leak-proof.

– Bi-Axially Oriented Manufacturing Technology
– Zero Corrosion
– Hi-Tech TRAP Lock(Torque Resistant Aluminum Pin Lock)

uPVC Agri Pipes

Younity’s uPVC agri pipes are highly durable and have excellent resistance to chemicals, making them perfect for all agricultural applications. They are extremely easy to install as well as cost-effective. These pipes undergo stringent quality checks during the manufacturing process, thereby ensuring that users get years of hassle-free service.
– Resistant to Fire
– Crack-free Fittings
– Extremely Easy to Install

uPVC Casing Pipes

uPVC casing pipes by Younity is the most preferred and ideal solution to extract clean water from borewells. These pipes are manufactured with the utmost care and precision to ensure that they stay resistant to corrosion and other chemical damages. These pipes come with extremely high tensile and impact strength.
– Inert to Chemical Reactions
– High Joint Strength
– Non-toxic and Taste-free