Delivering Superior Solutions for Supply of Potable Water


With long-lasting durability and excellent chemical resistance, Younity’s UPVC is the ideal choice for residential and commercial plumbing requirements. The pressure bearing capacity of these pipes is extremely high. Being easy to install and ensuring years of trouble-free operation, the cost-effectiveness of Younity’s UPVC pipes is much higher than that of other pipe and fittings providers.
– Lightweight and Durable
– Environment Friendly
– Maintenance-free Pipes


Manufactured with the help of world-class materials and smart technologies, Younity’s CPVC pipes are the best solution for both hot and cold water distribution. These pipes are UV stabilised and can ensure water purity throughout their entire life span. Younity’s CPVC pipes also have outstanding chemical resistance, thereby preventing the possibility of electrolytic and galvanic corrosion.
– Superior Mechanical Strength
– Long-term Reliability
– Available in a Wide Range of Sizes

PVC Solvent Cement

Our PVC solvent cement helps in keeping your piping systems seepage-free and intact. It ensures longer service life and is one of the most affordable types of solvent cement in the market. Made with top-grade materials, Younity’s PVC solvent cement can significantly strengthen the joint strength of your piping systems.
– Low VOC
– Easy to Apply and Odour Free
– Tested as per ASTM Standards


Younity’s SWR plumbing system is the industry-leading solution for soil waste and rainwater application in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. This piping system offers maintenance-free service life with excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance. Being lightweight and easy to install, the Younity SWR plumbing system is extremely cost-effective as compared to other SWR systems.
– Free from Toxins and Tastes
– 100% Leak-proof Joints
– Exceptional Strength and Chemical Resistance