Safe Storage & Damage-free Delivery of
Pipes & Fittings

Delivering crack-free pipes and fittings is the topmost priority of Younity Pipes. That is why all the pipes and fitting products manufactured by Younity are handled with extreme care and attention in the inventories and storage rooms. It ensures that our products stay functional and serve our customers for a long time without any problems.

Storage Tips

Store the pipes horizontally on a flat and firm surface to avoid bending or breaking of the piping products.

Pipes of the same size and type should only be stacked together.
Do not make the pipe stack too high as this can damage the pipes at the bottom.
Pipes and fitting products should not be exposed to sunlight or placed near any heat sources.
We pay special attention to packaging practices and the quality of packaging material to protect our products from dust and mitigate any damage risks during transportation. The transport vehicle is chosen wisely so as to keep the piping products in a straight, horizontal position. We comply with all necessary transport regulations and safety measures to make sure that the pipes and fittings products available in our retail outlets are of the highest quality standards.

Logistics Tips

The transportation vehicle should be clean and dust-free.
Packaging must be strong enough so that the pipes do not move or damage due to high pressure during transportation.
Make sure there are no sharp objects near the pipes in the vehicle as they can degrade the quality of the pipes.
Short pipes and fitting products need to be packed in carton boxes while transporting.